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The Institute for the Study of Business Markets at Penn State announces a series of PhD seminars in Business-to-Business Marketing

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Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 08:57:42 -0400
From: Julie Mulhatten <jcm115@psu.edu>

Announcing the Launch of IPSS:
ISBM Ph.D. Seminar Series
The relative paucity of business marketing faculty in many academic institutions provides a challenge to Ph.D. students who want to pursue a Ph.D. in the area.  The ISBM is launching a Web-Based Ph.D. Seminar Series designed to help overcome this resource constraint, facilitate the pursuit of a Ph.D. in Business-to-Business Markets, and increase the number of students who pursue research in the area.
IPSS offers substantive and methodological courses that are likely to be useful to Ph.D. students with research interests in business markets.  Substantive topics include issues relating to theory development in business markets, sales management, marketing channel management, new product development and marketing among others.  The methodological topics are those specifically useful for B-to-B academics such as qualitative research methods and social network analysis.  These courses will be repeated in a cycle of 2-3 years.
In the inaugural year 2006 – 07, four Ph.D. seminars will be offered.
Fall 2006 –
Prof. Ajay Kohli – Theory Construction
Spring 2007 –
Prof. Barton Weitz – Sales Management
Prof. Abbie Griffin – Qualitative Methods
Prof. Christophe Van den Bulte – Social Networks
Apply now to be a part of the ISBM Ph.D. Seminar Series! www.ipss.isbm.org.

Academic Director: Rajdeep Grewal – rug2@psu.edu

Administrative Director: Julie Mulhatten – jcm115@psu.edu

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