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The AMA has agreed to make the 12 short "Sages Speak" essays from the Spring, 2005 issue of JPP&M available for free download

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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 13:31:42 -0400
From: "William L. Wilkie" <>

Because of their broad applicability across academics in marketing, the American Marketing Association has agreed to make a set of 12 short essays that appeared in the Spring 2005 special issue of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing easily available for download without a subscription. I’ll provide some background below, but for anyone wishing to just go to the essays at JPP&M, here’s the link:

The essays were written by leading people across the field, and were stimulated by the "4 Eras" article discussing the last 100 years of development of academic thought in marketing. (that article ("Scholarly Research… in 2003) available from:

Given the historical emphasis, all of the “Sages” have labored in this field for portions of at least four decades (that is, since the 1970’s), and for as many as six (extending since the 1950’s). The essays appear in the order in which they were received them, and cover a range of topics. Here’s the list of authors:

  • Philip Kotler (Northwestern)
  • Stanley J. Shapiro (Stanley Fraser U.)
  • Frederick E.Webster (Dartmouth, Arizona)
  • Robert A. Peterson (U. of Texas)
  • Leigh M. McAlister (Marketing Science Institute and U. of Texas)
  • Alan R. Andreasen (Georgetown U.)
  • Donald R. Lehmann (Columbia U.)
  • Morris B. Holbrook (Columbia U.)
  • Richard Staelin (Duke U.)
  • David B. Montgomery (Dean, Singapore Management University, Stanford U.)
  • Glen L. Urban (M.I.T.)
  • Jagdish N. Sheth (Emory U.) and Rajendra S. Sisodia (Bentley College)

If you’re interested in marketing academia and haven’t already consulted them, I hope you and your colleagues can take the opportunity to read these essays, and maybe hold workshop sessions to discuss them (we did this at Notre Dame, and it was lively… not everyone agreed with some of the sentiments being put forth…).

Have a great Summer!

Bill Wilkie

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