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You may be able to configure Google Scholar to connect to your library's online article access. It can also download citations to EndNote and other bibliographic programs.

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For a number of months, table of contents postings have included a link to Google Scholar for each article. Since each new TOC digest contains only newly released issues, these links sometimes do not retrieve the article in question. After some time however, these links are more and more likely to generate a connection to the correct article.

Google Scholar has two options that can make this process more efficient for ELMAR subscribers. First, you can set up your Google Scholar preferences so that whenever a Google Scholar search is executed (as with the TOC Digests), an additional link will appear which will provide one click access to the article through your own university library. Second, you can configure Google Scholar to allow you to download the citation into EndNote, BibTeX, RefMan or RefWorks. To do either of these things, start from Google Scholar ( You should notice a set of links to the right of the "Search" button. The middle link is "Scholar Preferences". Clicking on that you should see a variety of options you can personalize, including "Library Links" and "Bibliography Manager."

To customize library links, enter your school’s name in the library links search box and click the "Find Library" button.

If your school’s name does not come up, you might want to give the following URL to your local tech support folks: This will explain to them how to allow this connection to Google Scholar.

At the bottom of the page, there is the option for Google Scholar to "Show links to import citations into…" followed by a drop down menu. Pick your bibliography management software from the drop down menu.

If you have done this correctly, results of a search on Google Scholar will contain two extra links: a link to your library’s access to the article, and a link allowing the citation to be downloaded into your bibliographic software.  Hopefully this will prove useful to ELMAR subscribers.

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