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Kevin Gwinner seeks teaching materials on marketing campaigns, with an emphasis on consumer advertising, aimed at different ethnic groups

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Ethnic Marketing

Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 10:51:01 -0500
From: "Kevin Gwinner" <>

I am seeking information on marketing campaigns aimed at different ethnic groups (e.g., examples of companies that do it successfully and those that do not, the prevalence of this practice, criticisms of this approach, public policy implications, etc,).

In addition, I am interested in information dealing with how different cultural perspectives can lead to differing interpretations of the same advertising message. Anything from academic papers to applied research to educational videos, (and others) is of interest to me. My aim is to develop teaching materials on the topic of consumer advertising to different ethnic and cultural groups.

A starting point for this literature is below:

Holland, Jonna and James W Gentry (1999), "Ethnic Consumer Reaction to Targeted Marketing: A Theory of Intercultural Accommodation", Journal of Advertising.

Martin, Brett, Christina Kwai-Choi Lee and Feng Yang (2004), "The Influence of Ad Model Ethnicity and Self-Referencing on Attitudes," Journal of Advertising.

La Ferle, Carrie and Wei-Na Lee (2005), "Can English Language Media Connect with Ethnic Audiences? Ethnic Minorities’ Media Use and Representation Perceptions," Journal of Advertising Research.

Kevin Gwinner
Associate Professor and Faculty Fellow
Department Head
Department of Marketing
College of Business Administration
Kansas State University
201 Calvin Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-0506
PHONE:(785) 532-2783

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