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JAMS will now be published by Springer and Dave Stewart will be the new editor

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Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 13:56:25 -0700
From: "Stewart, David W." <>

JAMS not only has a new editor and editorial home, Dave Stewart and University of Southern California, respectively, but also a new publisher, Springer, a soon to be launched new Web site, and a new procedure for submissions of manuscripts and reviews. Starting immediately the Journal will receive all manuscripts and reviews electronically. Authors will be able to go on-line to check the status of their manuscripts during the review process.

Submissions to JAMS should be made by accessing the following Web site:

Login as an author and follow the instructions on the site.

JAMS has a long standing tradition of publishing articles that:

  • Add to the body of knowledge related to marketing phenomena;
  • Address ³leading-edge² issues;
  • Are thought-provoking;
  • Challenge or shift dominant conceptual and methodological paradigms;
  • Attempt to change perspectives and/or cause a phenomenon to be viewed in a different light; and
  • Extend, in one fashion or another, the boundaries of the marketing discipline.

JAMS provides a variety of useful, informative and thought provoking features, including:

  • Articles – thought provoking essays that extend the boundaries of the marketing discipline and challenge dominant conceptual and methodological paradigms. Articles may be conceptual and theoretical or empirical and data-driven. All articles should rest on a strong empirical base that may include past research or new empirical findings.
  • Research Notes   brief articles finely focused on specific marketing topics in the field.
  • Best Practices ­ articles that provide insight with respect to superior practices in research, management and public policy.
  • Marketing and the Law   practical reports on legal decisions and regulatory actions that have an impact on marketing.
  • arketing in the 21st Century   critical analyses and commentaries on vital and current issues are provided by leading scholars and professionals.

You will be hearing more about the "new" JAMS in the weeks and months ahead.

David W. Stewart
Editor, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Mark Manalang
Editorial Assistant

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