Global Business in Local Markets


Boston, 15 Sep 2006; Keynote speaker Russell W. Belk

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Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 12:14:56 -0400
From: dladik <>

Global Marketing Conference at Suffolk University

Conference Title: Global Business in Local Markets

When: September 15, 2006

Where: Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts

The conference will feature keynote speaker Professor Russell W. Belk, the N. Eldon Tanner Professor of Business at the University of Utah, who will speak on "The Meanings of Cool: Transformations within Global Consumer Culture."

The conference will also include the following presentations:

"Role of Consumption in Homemaking Practices Among Transnational Mobile Professionals," Fleura Bardhi, Northeastern University.

"Brands without Borders: How Deterritorialized Brands Contribute to the Creation of Global Consumer Culture," Giana Eckhardt, Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University

"Learning to Consume: Chinese Consumers and Brand Literacy," Anders Bengtsson, Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University.

Since Theodore Levitt proposed his ideas about the globalization of markets, there has been a continuous debate as to the veracity of his claims. Levitt argued that "ancient differences in national tastes or modes of doing business [will] disappear. The commonality of preference leads inescapably to the standardization of products, manufacturing, and the institutions of trade and commerce."  Recent research has showed that Levitt’s claims may have been overstated; that consumer preferences have not converged globally as Levitt predicted. This conference will focus on the dynamics of local and global flows that shape cultures and marketing strategies.

We hope that you can attend! For more information and to reserve space, please contact Anders Bengtsson,