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The AMA seeks nominations for the editor of MarketingAcademics@AMA, an electronic newsletter issued to academic members 6 times per year.

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The American Marketing Association is seeking nominations and applications for the editor-designate of MarketingAcademics@AMA, AMA’s electronic newsletter designed specifically to serve the marketing academic community. The new editor’s term begins upon appointment and continues for three years.

MarketingAcademics@AMA is published six times a year and is intended to be the primary source of news on AMA activities and initiatives for academics. The editor will have the following roles and responsibilities:

  1. Identifying and developing content for MarketingAcademics@AMA that creates added value for academic members. The editor will be responsible for identifying relevant content on AMA initiatives and activities and working with columnists to develop material. This involves working closely with the Academic Council, including attending Council meetings at the Winter and Summer Educators’ conferences. In addition, the editor will work with the Academic Resource Center and others to enhance awareness of resources to support research, teaching, service, and community.
  2. Coordinating Editorial Calendar and Publication. This involves working with AMA staff to design the newsletter and maintain publication quality.
  3. The editor will report to the Academic Council Executive Committee.

The major criteria in evaluating candidates are the following:

  1. Knowledge of the marketing academic community and its needs,
  2. Evidence of administrative and editorial ability,
  3. Agreement to operate within AMA policies and strategic guidelines, and
  4. Willingness to make the time commitment.

Nominations, applications, and questions should be sent to Ken Evans at: