Two Monday Errors


(1) The deadline for the J of Interactive Advertising issue is 31 May (2) To login without a password requires you enter via the URL

ARC: Community: ELMAR: Posting

Yes, it must have been a Monday. 

The Community Update went out with the wrong date for the Journal of Interactive Advertising Special Issue.  It said 31 Jan but in reality the deadline is 31 May.  Click on the related content link below to go to the corrected notice. 

Second, while it is true that you can login to the ELMAR Web site without a password, what I didn’t realize was that not every access page lets you do this.  There is a button marked "preview" that only shows up at, the main entry page.  I do not know why it is implemented that way. 

By the way, I would be happily oblivious that I had given out flawed information except that someone spent the time to send me a quick email pointing out that there was no option to access the article without a password after he/she clicked on the article title in the Community Update.  That individual did not ask to be named, so I won’t name him/her, but it does point out how important it is to let me know when I do or write dumb things!  Thanks to you, anonymous error describer!  You have made ELMAR better! 

— ch