Reading Without a Password


A user name and password are no longer strictly needed to read messages

ARC: Community: ELMAR: Posting

A few changes have recently been implemented on the ELMAR CommunityZero platform. 
The ELMAR CommunityZero site can now be accessed without a user name or subscription.  You will see an extra button on the login page which says "Preview".  You can click on this to get to the postings even without a password. 

A number of people have expressed the opinion that the site is too "closed" and this will tend to "open" it up a bit.  I should add that you will not receive any of the Community Update emails unless you are subscribed.  Some other priviledges also require login. 

There have also been a few cosmetic changes to the site, especially the "What’s New" page.  In addition, when you logoff the site, you now end up at the Main page instead of the ELMAR page.

— ch