Electronic Commerce in China


Special issue of the Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, Special Issue Editors: Dr. Yi Jun Li and Dr. Qiang Ye; Deadline 1 Dec 2006

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From: "Qiang Ye" <yeqiang@hit.edu.cn>

Journal of Electronic Commerce Research

Special Issue on Electronic Commerce in China
Co-Editors in Chief of JECR:Professor Melody Y. Kiang,Professor Robert T. Chi
Special Issue Editors: Dr. Yi Jun Li and Dr. Qiang Ye
Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), China

Journal of Electronic Commerce Research (JECR) is pleased to announce a call for papers for a special edition of the journal focusing on electronic commerce development and issues in China.

<Introduction to the Special Issue:>

The past twenty years have seen great changes in the economy and society of China. As China has opened up and as its economy has developed, increased attention has been paid to the development of e-Commerce, which will serve as an underpinning for continued national development. This special issue has the dual objective of encouraging more e-Commerce research in China and at the same time of publishing the best e-Commerce  research being conducted in China today. Specifically, we seek to explore how, given its current stage of development and its unique institutional contexts, e-Commerce in China differs from that in other countries.

Possible Topics include but not limited to:

  • Innovation of e-Commerce models in China
  • Critical success factors for e-Commerce by Chinese enterprises
  • Implementation of e-Commerce for Chinese enterprises
  • e-Commerce technology adoption for Chinese enterprises
  • Success or failure stories of e-Commerce in China
  • Legal, ethical, and societal issues of e-Commerce in China
  • Survey of e-Commerce trends of Chinese enterprises
  • Cross-cultural e-Commerce research studies contrasting China with other countries
  • Issues facing foreign companies conducting e-Commerce in China
  • Behavioral implications of e-Commerce in China
  • Barriers to e-Commerce in China
  • Social Issues for e-Commerce
  • e-Commerce Strategy and Implementation
  • Mobile commerce in China
  • e-Logistics in China
  • e-Tailing in China
  • e-Government applications in China

Important Dates:
Deadline for Full Paper Submission: December 1, 2006
Paper accept/revise/reject decision: April 1, 2007
Revised paper submission: June 1, 2007
Final paper submission: July 15, 2007
Publication date: August 2007

Submission Guidelines
All submissions must follow the submission guidelines for the Journal of Electronic Commerce Research (http://www.csulb.edu/journals/jecr/s_guide.htm). The manuscript should be prepared in Microsoft Word format. The names, affiliations, and contact information (i.e., phone, fax, email addresses) of all authors should be provided only on the cover page.  Authors may submit completed manuscripts electronically at any time prior to the December 1st, 2006 deadline. Manuscripts and any questions should be directed to:

Dr. Ye,Qiang
School of Management
Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT),
Harbin, 150001, China
 e-mail: yeqiang@hit.edu.cn
Tel: +86 (451) 86418123

About JECR (Web site: http://www.jecr.org, ISSN: 15266133) Journal of Electronic Commerce Research (JECR) is a quarterly peer-reviewed (double blind) journal with both paper and electronic publication.  It provides an international forum for researchers and professionals to share their knowledge and to report new advances on all topics related to electronic commerce theories and applications.  The Journal focuses on Electronic Commerce including its theoretical foundations, infrastructure, enabling technologies, and behavioral implications.

A study entitled "Global Perceptions of Journals Publishing e-Commerce Research" has ranked JECR as #4 in overall quality and #9 in appropriateness in publishing e-Commerce research. This study also rates JECR the #1 online journal in e-Commerce research. This study was conducted by Bharati and Tarasewich at the University of Massachussetts and Northeastern University respectively, and was published on Communications of the ACM, Volume 45, Issue 5 (May 2002)

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