Emerald Journals


Due to a technical problem, journals published by Emerald are currently not appearing in the ELMAR TOC Digests

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Emerald publishing has suffered some sort of software problem such that it is unable to send out table of contents alerts. Since I use those alerts to produce the ELMAR TOC digest entries for Emerald journals, some of these journals have not appeared in the ELMAR mailings for a year or more.  Among the affected journals are:

as well as some others.  Emerald is aware of the problem but has no firm estimate for a resumption of service as of this date.   Anyone associated with those journals is welcome to send me the TOCs so that those could in turn be forwarded to ELMAR subscribers.

Note that the above links will take you to the Emerald pages for each journal where you can look at the tables of contents directly from Emerald. 

— ch