Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress


Verona, 11-14 Jul 2007, Deadline 1 Oct 2006

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Marketing Theory and Practice in an Inter-functional World
The 13th Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress

July 11th – 14th, 2007
Verona , Italy

Hosted by
The University of Verona
Program Chairs:
J. Thomas Mentzer (University of Tennessee , USA)
Matthew B. Myers (University of Tennessee , USA)
Antonio Borghesi (Verona University , Italy)

Submission Deadline: October 1, 2006

As markets converge, the marketing problem expands. The global marketplace exposes managers and researchers alike to problems of extraordinary complexity while simultaneously providing opportunities for profitability and growth. With the global marketplace, marketers are increasingly asked to perform in both an intercultural and inter-functional domain, bringing different types of buyers and different business tasks into the same management problems. As a result, market expansion efforts and the associated pricing models, retail decisions, branding strategies, distribution efforts, and communication methods are often influenced by the organization’s need to create synergies within the firm as well as with environmental conditions in multiple markets. The 13th Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress will attempt to generate an awareness of the trends and business problems facing managers and researchers in an evermore interfunctional and intercultural environment.