The Crafts of Strategy


A special issue of the journal Long Range Planning, The Crafts of Strategy: Strategic Planning in Different Contexts; Deadline 31 Jul 2006

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Long Range Planning

Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 17:25:30 +0100
From: Richard Whittington <richard.whittington@SAID-BUSINESS-SCHOOL.OXFORD.AC.UK>

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Long Range Planning

The Crafts of Strategy: Strategic Planning in Different Contexts

Co-editors: Richard Whittington (University of Oxford) and Ludovic Cailluet (Toulouse Social Sciences University)

Strategy is often taken to be a universal practice. The central proposition for this special issue is that strategy is better thought of as many different crafts, varying according to its different contexts.

This special colloquium issue will focus on strategic planning and strategy-making in different contexts. In particular, we invite papers considering how strategic planning may be influenced by:

  • its historical context, for instance shifting from corporate planning to new orientations over time;
  • its societal context, for instance in ‘Anglo-Saxon’, Asian or Continental European societies;
  • its ownership and stakeholder context, for instance in family businesses, professional partnerships or the public sector;
  • its organisational context, for instance,  the corporate centre or the periphery, new ventures or joint ventures, or strategy consultants versus in-house

Whether according to these criteria or others, we seek to advance understanding of strategy as a changing, plural and contingent practice, rather than the standard one assumed in much conventional teaching and research.

The special issue seeks interdisciplinary insights from historians, sociologists, management scholars and senior practitioners. The co-editors would be happy to discuss with authors initial ideas for possible papers. Papers should follow the normal Long Range Planning format (see, but be submitted to and with the subject title ‘special issue’, copied to All papers will be blind-reviewed.


  • Deadline for papers: 31 July 2006
  • Feedback and invitation to authors for revised papers: November 2006
  • Final papers received: February 2007
  • Publication LRP Special Issue: during 2007.