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Workshop: The Future of Open Source Peer Production Models: Business and Legal Frontiers, Austin, 2 May 2006

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Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 12:31:07 -0400
From: "Sirkka jarvenpaa" <>

On May 2 2006, in conjunction with the historic World Congress on Information Technology 2006, the University of Texas at Austin will host an open source workshop, “The Future of Open Source Peer Production Models: Business and Legal Frontiers”.  The workshop will cover topics essential to the future of technological development and its impact on business and culture.  Panelists will discuss “business value creation”, peer-based production models for cultural content products, peer-based production models for research & development and marketing, the “Creative Commons” and the challenges of leadership and management in organizations using open source.

For the program, go to

“EVERY time internet users search on Google, shop at Amazon or trade on eBay, they rely on open-source software—products that are often built by volunteers and cost nothing to use. More than two-thirds of websites are hosted using Apache, an open-source product that trounces commercial rivals. Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia with around 2.6m entries in more than 120 languages, gets more visitors each day than the New York Times’s site, yet is created entirely by the public. There is even an open-source initiative to develop drugs to treat diseases in poor countries.”

–The Economist Mar 16th, 2006

The event will take place at the UT School of Law in the Connally Center for Justice Building (CCJ) in the Sheffield Room on Tuesday May 2, 2006. The event is free but will require registration.  Go to  Opening remarks begin at 8:30 am.  The fifth and final panel discussion ends at 5:30 pm

Distinguished speakers include business executives, professors from Business Schools, Law Schools, Music Schools, School of Communications, School of Information, practicing attorneys, an ethnomusicologist, etc.
For more information including directions and registration, please see: