The Internet and International Business


Critical Perspectives on International Business, Special Issue on The Internet and Its Paradoxical Nature in International Business; Deadline 2 Oct 2006

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Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 23:37:54 +0100
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The Internet and its paradoxical nature in International Business

Call for Papers
Critical Perspectives on International Business Journal

About Critical Perspectives on International Business Journal (CPOIB)

Critical perspectives on international business (CPOIB) supports critically reflexive discussion of the nature and impact of international business activity from trans- and multi-disciplinary perspectives, rather than within specific fields. The journal encourages readers to engage with, and build upon, writings and activities from the broader societal context that challenge the hegemony of global and transnational corporations, of managerial orthodoxy and of dominant academic discourse.

About the Special issue

Critical Perspectives on International Business invites the submission of articles that address the theme "the Internet and its paradoxical nature in International Business".

For a full description of the call for papers, see:

This issue of CPOIB seeks original research that provides a basis for understanding novel IB phenomena, facilitated by the emergence the internet. Although all research methodologies and perspectives are welcome, papers that offer strong theoretical foundations and empirical focus will be preferred.

Manuscripts are solicited on topics addressing:

  • Relationships between large and small firms: How do the internet and digitalization affect the relationship between large and small firms? Is internet-facilitated SME growth essentially symbiotic vis-a-vis large firms or does it challenge their dominance? Existing research has been rather narrow in its industry coverage, dealing mostly with a few manufacturing sectors. Research informing of developments in new sectors, including services is particularly welcome.
  • Structure of MNEs: How has digitalisation affected the structure of multinational enterprises? A number of recent studies have reported a strong trend towards ‘de-internalization’ and reduced emphasis of ownership and tight control over production networks exercised by ‘core’ firms largely through utilizing ICT (see Ietto-Gillies 2005). We welcome studies that further explore this sort of phenomenon in settings or sectors that have not been examined in prior research. Studies focusing on service sectors would  be particularly welcome.
  • Digitalisation and uneven development: The ICT revolution combined with growing liberalisation has significantly increased locational options of MNCs. Autonomous national subsidiaries are replaced with tightly controlled units with much reduced  responsibilities, tasked with a single and highly specialised activity. Thus, whilst scholars have recently advised that the focus on government policy should be on the ‘quality’ rather the quantity of FDI they attract (Dunning and Narula 2004), it may be that it is increasingly difficult for LDCs to attract such investment. In most LDCs, MNC activity is associated with ever more footloose activities with reduced opportunities for positive spillover or linkage effects. We welcome studies that explore the consequences of the digital revolution for the FDI-development nexus.

Special Issue Editors

Mo Yamin, Manchester Business School,
Rudolf R. Sinkovics, Manchester Business School,

Submission information

  • All papers will be subjected to double-blind peer review.
  • Author guidelines for prospective contributors are available at
  • Papers will be reviewed in accordance with CPoIB guidelines.
  • Authors should submit an electronic copy of their manuscript as a word-file which does not reveal their identity in the document (remove personal information from file properties on save in the tools-options-security tab).
  • Submit the manuscript to the special issue editors via e-mail attachment: and/or
  • Submission deadline: October 02, 2006
  • Acceptance decision: June 2007
  • Date of publication: Winter 2007


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