Cost-Based Pricing


Paul Ingenbleek seeks studies that report statistics on cost-based pricing or related constructs

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Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 04:01:54 -0400
From: "Ingenbleek, Paul" <>

On behalf of a meta analysis on cost-based pricing, we are looking for studies that report statistics on cost-based pricing or related constructs. Cost-based pricing was first “discovered” in a study by Hall and Hitch (1939) who interviewed managers about their price-setting behavior. They found that the majority of firms didn’t use price to maximize profits as was prescribed by neoclassical economics, but assessed costs and added a profit margin. Since Hall and Hitch’s path breaking study many researchers in (export) management, economics, accounting and marking have investigated cost-based pricing (see for recent papers in marketing: Ingenbleek et al. 2003; Noble and Gruca 1999). We expect however that not all findings on cost-based pricing have been published. Therefore, we search for management surveys from unpublished sources such as working papers, research reports and the like. If you can help us, please contact Paul Ingenbleek (

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