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Workshop: Advances in Marketing Decision Models, Athens, Sponsored by the Marketing Science Institute and the Greek Marketing Academy; 27 May 2006 (Saturday after EMAC)

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Advances in Marketing Decision Models

Athens, Greece
May 27, 2006 (Saturday after EMAC)

Athens University of Economics and Business

In the workshop, the authors of chapters in the forthcoming Handbook of Marketing Decision Models (Springer Science + Business Media) will present their contributions. The workshop will be also attended by other marketing scholars and by marketing practitioners.

The workshop is co-sponsored by the Marketing Science Institute and the Greek Marketing Academy


Berend Wierenga
Editor of the Handbook of Marketing Decision Models, and RSM Erasmus University

Dominique Hanssens
Executive Director, Marketing Science Institute (MSI), and UCLA Anderson School of Management

Venue: Hotel Divani Caravel (same as for the EMAC Conference)

Participation in the Workshop is free and there is a limit of 60 participants. There is a fee for the (optional) dinner ($95 USD, approximately € 80). Participants should register for the Workshop through the MSI website  Any questions may be directed to

The following contributions will be presented:

Morning Program 9.00-12.30

9.00-9.30 “Models for Customer Relationship Management”
Werner Reinartz (INSEAD) and Rajkumar Venkatesan (University
 of Connecticut)

9.30-10.00 “Interactive Consumer Decision Aids: Butlers for the Masses”
Gerald Häubl (University of Alberta) and Kyle Murray (University of Western Ontario)“Developments in Conjoint Analysis”
Vithala Rao (Cornell University)

10.30-11.00    Break

11.00-11.30    “Advertising Models”
Peter Danaher (University of Auckland)

11.30-12.00 “Sales Promotion Models”
Harald van Heerde (University of Tilburg) and Scott Neslin (Dartmouth College)

12.00-12.30    “Models for Sales Management”
Sönke Albers (University of Kiel) and Murali Mantrala (University of Missouri)

Lunch 12.30 – 13.30

Afternoon Program 13.30 – 17.00

13.30-14.00    “Time Series Modeling in Marketing”
Marnik Dekimpe (University of Tilburg & Catholic University of Leuven), Philip Hans Franses (Erasmus University), Dominique Hanssens (Marketing Science Institute & UCLA), and Prasad Naik (UC Davis)

14.00-14.30    “Artificial Neural Nets in Marketing”
Harald Hruschka (University of Regensburg)

14.30-15.00    “Decision Models for the Pharmaceutical Industry”
Venky Shankar (Texas A&M University) and Marc Fischer (University of Kiel) Break

15.30-16.00    “Marketing Performance Effects Models”
Dominique Hanssens (Marketing Science Institute & UCLA) and Marnik Dekimpe (University of Tilburg & Catholic University of Leuven)

16.00-16.30    “Marketing Engineering: Connecting Models with Practice”
Gary Lilien and Arvind Rangaswamy (Pennsylvania State University)
16.30-17.00    “The Success of Marketing Management Support Systems”
Gerrit van Bruggen and Berend Wierenga (RSM Erasmus University)



Other contributions to the Handbook of Marketing Decision Models

Not all the authors of the book are able to attend the workshop. In addition to the work that will be presented at the Athens Workshop, the Handbook of Marketing Decision Models will contain the following chapters:

“Models for Electronic Commerce” by Randy Bucklin (UCLA)

“Decision Models for the Motion Picture Industry” by Jehoshua Eliashberg (The Wharton School) and Charles Weinberg (University of British Columbia)

“Competition Models” by Peter Leeflang (University of Groningen)

“Models of Customer Value” by Don Lehmann and Sunil Gupta (Columbia University)