Advances in Modelling Human Choice Behavior


A Graduate Level Course, Vancouver, 21-25 Aug 2006

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Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 08:33:38 -0700
From: "Johnson, Ric" <>

Advances in Modelling Human Choice Behaviour:
A Graduate Level Course

Liu Centre – Vancouver, B.C.
August 21-25, 2006


Dr. Joffre Swait: Joffre Swait is a principal with Advanis Inc. and Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Business, University of Alberta.

Dr. Vic Adamowicz: Vic Adamowicz is Canada Research Chair (Environmental Economics) and professor in the Department of Rural Economy, University of Alberta.

Dr. Ric Johnson: Ric Johnson is the Chair of the Department of Marketing, Business Economics, and Law at the University of Alberta, and an associate professor in marketing.

Understanding how people make choices is important for the design of public policies, marketing strategies, product design and business investment decisions.  Recent advances in theory and empirical methods have resulted in significant improvement in our understanding of human choice behaviour and our ability to analyze and predict choice behaviour.  This course will provide an overview of theory and methods in modelling choice behaviour and will include empirical analysis of selected examples.  The course is relevant to researchers with interests in marketing, environmental economics, health economics, transportation economics, consumer product demand analysis and other areas.

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Lucille Murdoch
Department of Rural Economy
Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics
University of Alberta
(780) 492-2156
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