Coauthor with Retailing Expertise


Leopoldo Arias seeks a potential collaborator for a study involving consumers in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 11:15:45 -0600

A study was done to determine what variables influence the purchasing decision in what we call a "hyperlocation" context.  This new concept is used to explain how within 5 blocks in Vina del Mar (third largest city in Chile) downtown area, there are 12 pharmacies belonging to only 3 different chains.  Through depth interviews followed by a later survey, we collected data from 180 buyers.  We have some interesting findings.

We are looking for a co-author that would help place our findings in the context of the wider marketing research performed in the retailing area.  For example, models that have as a dependent variable the selection of a particular store.  We do not know much about the retailing literature.

Our current version of the report has descriptive statistics and cross variable tables is in Spanish.  We would have no major difficulty on translating (ot for that matter, writing) in English.

Hope you can help us.  Please give me your thoughts.

Leopoldo Arias

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