Who Is the Best Writer in Marketing?


Tanvi Mehta is putting together a writing guide for academics and wants examples from articles by the best writers in marketing

Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 00:00:34 +1100
From: "Tanvi Mehta" <mail@tanvimehta.com>
Subject: SURVEY: Who is the best writer in marketing?

Dear marketing academics,

I am an academic editor and I am currently putting together a small writing guide to help academics improve their writing.

In writing this guide, I want to provide examples from articles by the best writers in marketing. Although I am aware of leading researchers, the best writers (and the most well-written article) are still a mystery.

If you have any thoughts on who the best writers are and what the most well-written article is, you can make yourself heard by writing to me at tanvi@tanvimehta.com.

Best Writer:


Best Article:


For anyone who includes their mailing address, I will gladly send them a copy of this writing guide. For everyone else, there will soon be a page on my website (www.tanvimehta.com) containing some unusual tips (right-branching, parallelisms, noun stacks). Make sure you check at the end of the month.

Thank you,

Tanvi Mehta

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