New Product Practitioner Lists


Peter Sinclair is seeking lists so as to survey marketers and R&D specialists in US companies as part of a study of knowledge discovery in new product development.

Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 16:02:58 +0800
From: "Peter Sinclair and Carolyn Sinclair" <>
Subject: REQUEST: New Product Practitioner Lists

I am presently engaged in a study examining the influence of histographically tethered cultural antecedents on knowledge discovery in new product development. Herein, I wish to survey two marketers and two R&D specialists on one selected project in  each of 100 to 150 US companies of various sizes.

Over the past few months, I have contacted several US list brokers and panel recruiters, including companies listed in regular AMA publications, without success.

It seems very straightforward to contact a CEO, but occupation legends typically do not include new product developer roles.

I am based between Hong Kong and Sydney, and, I have exhausted my knowledge of the US scene. So, I need help. I wish to avoid sending out thousands of poorly targeted surveys. (Actually, the survey has both paper and Web formats.)

Are there some NPD researchers out there, with experience with mass "insider" surveys, willing to share their secrets, please.

Many avenues were explored before requesting help from the ELMAR forum.

Thank you


Peter Sinclair
Hong Kong
(UTS, Sydney)