ELMAR Format Change


ELMAR format will change for most subscribers beginning Monday. The timing of Community Updates will be automatically changed to Daily for all subscribers. Individual emails will no longer be sent.

ELMAR Format to Change

Beginning on Monday, the format of ELMAR messages will change.  Subscribers will receive one summary email per day rather than individual messages.  These summaries are called Activity Updates.  To read any individual message, merely click on the provided link in the Activity Update email.  You will be required to change your password the first time you do this.  The default password is elmar1. 

You Should Log On
In any event, I recommend that every ELMAR subscriber who has not done so already, log in to the new platform at


and change the password from the default. 

This Change Is Good

Before converting to the new CommunityZero platform, ELMAR had stayed the same for more than a decade.  I know that change can be jarring, but I believe the payoff for this conversion will take the form ofa higher level of user control over more, and better organized, information, all with less inbox clutter. 

Optional Customization

If you wish to modify the rate at which you receive news from ELMAR, you need to use the "Preferences" tool that appears on the left hand side of the screen, on the vertical navigation bar on the site http://elmar.communityzero.com/elmar.

After you click on Preferences, you will see a drop-down menu for "Activity Updates".  Your choices are Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Never.  Choosing Never implies that you will need to go to the site to find out what has been posted. 

Note that towards the bottom of the Preferences page, the software "pre-checks" the box for "Custom Profile".  In order to execute your preference change, you must uncheck this box. 

If You Had Previously Changed Your Settings

In order to make this change, I had to convert everybody to Daily Activity Updates.  About 2% of you had already changed your Preferences to Weekly.  If you are among those 2%, I apologize.

— Charles Hofacker, ELMAR Moderator