Cause-Related Marketing


Terrence Beckman requests articles, published or otherwise, appearing since Varadarajan & Menon (1988).

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 10:27:33 -0500
From: Terrence Beckman <>
Subject: REQUEST: Cause-Related Marketing

In their 1988 article (p. 60), Varadarajan and Menon define cause-related marketing as:

 …the process of formulating and implementing  marketing activities that are characterized by an  offer from the firm to contribute a specified  amount to a designated cause when customers engage in revenue-providing exchanges that satisfy organizational and individual objectives.

My colleagues (Peggy Cunningham, Ida Berger, Maureen Bourassa) and I are doing a project on cause-related marketing. Although we have pulled together many articles on the subject, we are interested in doing a comprehensive review of work done in the cause-related marketing or closely related areas (e.g., strategic philanthropy, corporate issue promotion, corporate social marketing and corporate societal marketing).

Therefore, we would appreciate receiving copies of, or being informed of any research that has been done in this area since Varadarajan & Menon’s (1988) article. We have searched the main marketing journals and have done an ABI Inform search, but if you have research on this topic published in another field, have
unpublished research in this area or have conference papers on the topic (published or unpublished) or work in progress, we would very much like to include your study.

Any articles of interest, or references to such articles, can be emailed directly to me at:

Many thanks!
Terry Beckman