Super Bowl Ad Evaluation


Steven Edwards invites you to provide your expert opinion of Super Bowl XL ads

Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 08:43:55 -0500
From: "Steve Edwards" <>
Subject: REQUEST: Evaluate Super Bowl XL Ads

You are invited to participate in an evaluation of SB-XL ads.

As a advertising, marketing, or communications professor, professional, or student you know that not all ads are created  equal. That is particularly true of Super Bowl ads. Now here is your chance to share your opinions.

Expanding on Michigan State University’s nine-year history of evaluations of Super Bowl ads, MSU and Collaboration LLC developed Ad Pulse, an online ad survey community.

You will give your opinion on which ad:

  • Shows the most creativity
  • Is the best-produced
  • Does the best job of engineering viewers too take action
  • Is most likely to drive sales
  • Represents the worst investment

Simply go to at the 2 minute warning to vote. Polls will be open for 30 minutes after the game. The results will be tabulated and sent to you.

You are invited to share this invitation with your friends and colleagues.

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Steven Edwards, Ph.D.
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 Public Relations, and Retailing
Michigan State University
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