Special Issue on Mobile CRM

by ELMAR Moderator


The Business Process Management Journal announces a Special Issue on Mobile Customer Relationship Management. Deadline for paper submissions is Apr, 15 , 2006.

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 05:45:34 -0500
From: "Lutz M Kolbe" <lutz.kolbe@unisg.ch>
Subject: CFP: Issue of BPMJ on Mobile CRM

Call for Papers
Business Process Management Journal (BPMJ)

Special Issue on
Mobile Customer Relationship Management

The management of relationships between enterprises and customers has often been referred to as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We define CRM as an interactive process that achieves an optimum balance between corporate investments and the satisfaction of customer needs to generate the maximum profit. The amount of information relevant in CRM processes can only be handled effectively when information technology is applied. Due to the lack of personal contact, CRM is of particular importance in eCommerce and mCommerce.

Thus, this issue focuses on the application of mobile technologies in the field of CRM as well as the application of CRM concepts to mobile businesses. We refer to this as mobile CRM (mCRM) which according to our definition represents a subset of electronic CRM (eCRM) with particular focus on the usage of mobile technologies.

Potential topics and research questions that this special issue addresses include but are not limited to:

1. mCRM within Markets
  – How will markets evolve and affected by mCRM?
  – How may the balance of power between suppliers and buyers shift?
  – Who will benefit most from changing market structures?

2. Business Models and Business Processes
  – Will new Customer Relations Management processes be developed? How  will they be structured?
  – Can process models and business models be developed to help  companies to attract "economically valuable" customers and at the   same time repel "economically invaluable" customers and keep them away?

3. Technological Issues
  – What types of interfaces are best for mCRM solutions?
  – What infrastructure extensions are required for mCRM in addition to  possibly existing eCRM infrastructures?

4. Human Issues
  – Customer Satisfaction with mCRM initiatives
  – Mobile Customer Interactions
  – Interface design and usability considerations for mCRM applications
  – Organizational Changes due to mCRM introduction
  – User Acceptance of mCRM Applications

5. Case Studies and Demonstrations of ‘Real World’ Applications

Authors may contact the co-editors for guidance and indication of appropriate content at anytime.

Papers previously published at major conferences are welcome, but need major enhancements.

Pls. indicate accordingly at submission time.

Apr, 15   Submission of papers
Jun, 15   Notification of acceptance
Aug, 15   Submission of final papers

Lutz M. Kolbe, lutz.kolbe@unisg.ch
Ragnar Schierholz, ragnar.schierholz@unisg.ch
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

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