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The International Journal of E-Business Research. A 100-150 word abstract is due by 10 March 2006, and full paper by 31 March 2006.

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Subject: CFP: Issue of Intl J of E-Business Research on e-CRM

Call for Papers

Special Issue on: Electronic Customer Relationship Management – Assessing the State of the Domain

International Journal of E-Business Research: April/June 2007

Marketing is no longer simply about developing, selling and delivering products. In an era when markets are becoming more fragmented, global, sophisticated and above all competitive, marketing is progressively more concerned with the development and maintenance of mutually satisfying long-term relationships with customers. To this end, organisations are seeking to adopt ‘relationship marketing’ (RM) with the expectation that it will help them retain customers and in so doing deliver long-term and value-added relationships with their customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is promoted as the ideal mechanism for implementing relationship marketing on a company-wide basis. Moreover, for the majority of organisations the most obvious way to implement CRM is through the acquisition and implementation of software applications, typically in the form of electronic customer relationship management technology (e-CRM technology). As a consequence, the annual  global expenditure on e-CRM technologies is growing rapidly, year on year.

The term e-CRM is used to describe a broad range of technologies that might helpfully support and facilitate a companies CRM strategy. Such technologies are likely to include a combination of: web-sites, email, data capture, data warehousing and data mining. However, it is typically the Internet that is seen as playing the most significant role when it comes to operationalising CRM or relationship marketing, as it can support rich, effective, rapid and highly customised communication between an organization and its customers. Moreover, it is likely that the rapid advances in new communications technology – particularly the emergence of 3G mobile networks and wireless computing – will further emphasise the importance of internet-based CRM.

Our goal for this special issue of the International Journal of Electronic Business Research is to deliver a coherent collection of papers that provide significant new insights into how e-CRM is being applied and integrated within business organizations, and the impacts this is having on their operational and financial performance, and the design of their business structures and processes. Whilst empirical, theoretical and conceptual studies are equally welcome for submission to the special issue, the likely practical implications of the research for the effective adoption of e-CRM should be emphasised in all contributions.

Topics of interest include – but are not limited to – studies of:

  • Methods; tools and approaches that can be used to support the  introduction of e-CRM.
  • Facilitators and inhibitors of the adoption of e-CRM;
  • The achievement of competitive advantage through the adoption of  e-CRM;
  • Customer responses to the introduction of e-CRM;
  • The role of e-CRM in the development and management of multi-channel strategies;
  • Case studies of successful and / or unsuccessful e-CRM  initiatives;
  • Gauging the effectiveness of e-CRM, through performance measurement;
  • The impact of customer e-CRM on organizational structure and behaviour;
  • The role of e-CRM in B2B contexts.

Submission: Authors intending to submit papers for the special issue are encouraged to submit a 100-150 word abstract of their paper highlighting the objectives and coverage of the paper, including title, authors name / address and 5 keywords, by 10 March 2006, and full paper by 31 March 2006. Abstracts, and then full manuscripts, should be submitted electronically, as Word or PDF documents, to Neil Doherty at  N.F.Doherty@lboro.ac.uk by the deadline dates.

Guidelines on preparation of manuscript are available at:


Guest Editors

Dr Neil F. Doherty
The Business School,
Loughborough University
Leicestershire, United Kingdom, LE11 2BU

Dr Nigel Lockett
The Management School
Lancaster University,
Lancashire, United Kingdom

Submission of Abstract/Expression of Interest
  10 March 2006
Submission of full paper
  31 March 2006
Notification of decision on submission
  30 June 2006
  April 2007

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