Subject Pool Management Software


Do you know of software that will facilitate management of a research subject pool in a university?

Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 11:26:42 -0600
Subject: REQUEST: Subject Pool Management Software

I’m investigating software that will facilitate management of the large research subject pool at our university. This, inexpensive, software should will allow the process to be easily managed through a site that researchers, subjects and administrators can gain easy access to. It should ideally also do such things as track subject participation and remind subjects when they should attend.

I’ve heard for Experimentrak and E-Recruit which I’m investigating. Does anyone have any other ideas of programs I should ensure I have looked at? Don’t worry if you are not sure whether they’d be right, if you don’t mind letting me know your suggestion I can check it out.

Thanks very much for your help

Neil Bendle
Ph.D. Student, Marketing — CSOM