Second DVD Issue of Consumption, Markets and Culture


Deadline: June 30, 2006

Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 12:45:31 -0600
From: "Firat, Fuat" <>
Subject: CFP: Second DVD Issue of Consumption, Markets and Culture

Call for Entries
Second DVD Issue of Consumption, Markets and Culture
Co-Editors:  Russell Belk and Robert Kozinets

Visual entries are sought for a special 2007 issue of Consumption, Markets & Culture.  Both original videos and still photo essays are eligible.  In keeping with the nature of the journal, submissions should focus on some aspect of the interplay of consumption, markets, and culture.  Each visual/auditory entry should be accompanied by a paper of between 20 and 40 pages as well.  The printed issue of the journal and the DVD will be distributed together and both the paper and visual/auditory entry will be refereed together by the same reviewers. The paper offers an opportunity not only to summarize your work and invite interested readers to watch it, but can also be used as a counterpoint to the visual material, study guide, “liner notes,” transcriptions, methodological appendix, discussion of creative concerns, or other creative adjunct to your visual material.  It is expected that together the video and accompanying paper will be engaging, theory-enhancing, and innovative.  Critical as well as experimental entries are encouraged.  You may either treat the paper as a supplement to the visual material or the reverse.  In each case we expect them to jointly inform each other and to offer a more complete whole than either of them is by itself.  Jurors judging the submissions will be asked to provide critical feedback.  Please address any questions about the possible suitability of material to either of the co-editors:

Russ Belk, tel. +1 801-581-7401;
University of Utah, DESB
1645 E. Campus Center Dr.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-9305 USA

Rob Kozinets tel. +1 416-736-2100, Ext. 20513;
Schulich School of Business
York University
Toronto, CANADA

All entries are expected to be in digital format.  The preferred format for video entries is NTSC mini-DV, and they should be no less than 12 minutes and no longer than 45 minutes in length.  The preferred format for photo-essay entries is a Word file with jpeg photos embedded, and they should contain no fewer than 6 photos and no more than 40 photos.

Text may or may not accompany photos, but all entries should be titled.  In the case of a photo essay of this sort, the paper and visual material may be combined rather than separate.  If music, automated slide show, or interactivity is planned for a photo or photo/video project, DVD and CD-ROM entries are acceptable, and should be self-standing.  In this case a separate paper is still required. Filmmakers are responsible for getting permission from copyright and trademark holders for any images, music, or video material that is under copyright (note: even clips of music and of commercial video are copyrighted material).

Entry Deadline: June 30, 2006

What to Send:  Send 5 copies of the visual material on NTSC mini-DV, DVD, or CD-ROM and one electronic copy (on disk or via e-mail) of the accompanying paper to either of the editors.  In the case of a photo essay submitted as a Word file, electronic submission is also preferred.