ELMAR Reawakens


New ELMAR postings will begin appearing shortly.

New ELMAR postings will begin appearing shortly.  

You do not need to do anything new to continue receiving ELMAR messages.  You should remember, however, that information on ELMAR is provided at

and that you can always send email to elmar-request@ama.org for any  question or help with any procedure. Interested subscribers can read  further to learn how to search the archives or to modify their
subscriptions on their own.  

The new software platform for ELMAR is called CommunityZero.  The address of the Web interface for your ELMAR subscription is


Upon going to the above URL and clicking on the Login button, you will be asked for your email address and password.  The email address is the one you used to sign up for ELMAR, and the password is elmar1.  
Next, you will see a disclaimer dialogue.  You need to agree to the disclaimer in order to use the Web site, but again, this is not necessary to receive ELMAR postings.  

Once you agree to the disclaimer, you will be on the AMA CommunityZero site.  At that point you will notice the "What’s New" section (not much is new at this point since this is the first message), and on the left
you can see a nav bar that allows you to look at the Archive for 2006 (also pretty empty so far), or look at the Pre-2006 archive.  

We will have full text search for all new messages as they are added to the 2006 archive.  Full text search is also currently available for all of the 2005 Positions Digests.  Pre-2006 messages (2004 and 2005) are
currently searchable only by the text that appeared on the original subject line of the posting.   
In the future, we may be able to use the CommunityZero ELMAR site for other enhanced or new services.  

As was the case previously, the software that runs the list is donated by the AMA for academic use.  

=== For DIGEST Subscribers ===

The new software does not have the exact equivalent of a digest subscription.  Given that, digest subscribers have two options.  If you do nothing, you will receive ELMAR postings one at a time.  

Alternatively, you can read ELMAR messages on the Web at your own convenience, and receive no emails from ELMAR.  To do this, you can login to the Web site for the new software platform as described above.  

ELMAR messages can be turned off by clicking "Preferences" in the left hand navigation bar, and unchecking the box labeled "Receive e-mail broadcasts" on the Preferences screen.  To read any new ELMAR messages, click "Archive 2006" from the navigation bar.

It is also possible to receive what are called "Activity Updates" on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly schedule.  These will let you know if there are any postings of interest to you. To receive those, use the pull down
menu on the Preferences screen.

To be honest, this will entail some learning on all of our parts.  Hopefully, it will go smoothly.

Charles Hofacker
ELMAR Moderator