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What is Turnitin?

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    Jane Grant

    The Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion, Betsy Chavez, is back in the eye of the storm, but not precisely because of the crisis within the institution she heads, but because of the academic research that gave her a law degree from the National Jorge Basadre University in Tacna. According to Sunday, software called Turnitin would determine that 49 percent of his work would already exist in other publications. With that in mind, it’s worth asking how reliable the system used to find suspected plagiarism is.

    Turnitin is not a recent tool. It first appeared in 1997, and over time it has been refined and reached various academic institutions to serve as a detector of alleged plagiarism in submitted research and papers. In Peru, the name of the software became popular when evidence of plagiarism was found in the thesis of then-presidential candidate Cesar. Acuña, leader of the Alliance for Progress party. The program in its modern state is super effective in detecting any kinds of plagiarism, and the only way to surpass it if you don’t have time to write an original paper from scratch is by ordering it from a writing service. Check out this review on writingpapersucks. It might be useful for you if you’re considering it.

    This tool is able to examine different types of files and then produce a summary indicating matches and similarities with other documents in the database it manages. The software itself is not able to confirm plagiarism; this task falls to the specialist who will use the report provided to conduct a thorough examination of the work in question.

    To determine the percentage of matches found, Turnitin uses colors such as blue, which means no matching texts. Green is used when a word matches 24% of the text, yellow is 25 to 49%, orange is 50 to 74%, and red is used when 75% to 100% of the document matches another assignment. According to Panorama, Minister Chavez’s thesis matches up to 49%, which matches yellow.

    Among the features of the software, he highlights its ability to detect matches based on paraphrases; that is, to rewrite text using similar words. If it is an HTML document, the system will also be able to look it up when scanning an extensive database located in 140 countries.

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    William Luna

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