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What do you do for living?

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    Bob Rucks

    It’s always interesting to hear how people make money and build their own businesses. Especially if it is something that is completely new and unusual for me. It can inspire me and add ideas for development in a new field. Therefore, I am waiting for your answers!

    Finn Quer

    Here you go! I also enjoy hearing people’s stories about their career successes. I am especially inspired by businessmen who managed to rise from the bottom. So, what do I do for living? The fact is that a few years ago I only owned one property and decided to rent it out to see if I could build a business out of it. The process was rather long, because it is quite difficult to find a reliable and safe service that would help me with this. However, quite by chance I came across and after filling out the form I spoke with their manager about my property. The workers turned out to be quite educated and advanced in this matter, so I decided to cooperate with them and have never regretted it. Now I am satisfied with my career and hope to continue to develop.

    Hellie Kuper

    Building your own business is quite a difficult thing, and you will not be able to work alone. Working in a team, the chance of success, better quality and speed of work increases significantly. Personally, I have not yet found a job that would bring me not only money, but also pleasure. However, thanks to people who talk about new and interesting ways of earning, I am starting to get motivated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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