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Room Sound Right Now

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    How Does the Room Sound Right Now?
    Thousands of books have been written attempting to point people to the difference between mindfulness and “paying attention” as we normally do. I’ve read a lot of these books, and even written a few.

    There are simpler ways to get at the concept though.

    If you want to grasp what is usually meant by the word mindfulness*, all you need to do is to find the answer to a simple question: how does the room sound right now?

    By “the room” I really just mean wherever you are. You could be in a room, or outside, or in a stadium, in a cave, scuba diving among coral reefs, whatever. The point is there’s always something to hear, wherever you are.

    If you wanted to know how the room sounds, how would you get the answer to that question?

    femej muzitp

    There has been too much gadgetization in our lives lately. I understand that this simplifies life in many ways. But we have ceased to rejoice at banal and simple things in our lives, such as the scent of flowers, the rustle of books ….. That is why many people, including myself, try to bring simple interior items back to life that bring me back to reality. In particular, on the wall of my office, I hung a world wall map which shows how huge and interesting our world is. This encourages me to discover new countries for myself, discover new destinations for travel and business

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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