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Is everybody on this website use TikTok?

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    Bob Rucks

    Lately, I’ve noticed that TikTok is really popular with people from all walks of life and seems to have become mainstream. What do you generally think about the popularity of this social network and is it worth promoting your account there?

    Finn Quer

    Actually, I’m also in the category of people who everyday use TikTok. And in general, now it is not so surprising, considering how the amount of influence of social networks on people is growing. Therefore, it is already common that some topics such as promoting your account in TikTok become mainstream. Since most people now make money on TikTok by making videos, there are more and more requests from people to promote their accounts. Even after familiarizing yourself with Celebian reviews, you can see how many people want to develop in this area.

    Hellie Kuper

    I don’t use Tik Tok that much, but I can agree that it’s a really cool social network these days. It is very addictive and you can watch videos continuously for several hours. Therefore, yes, I think that promoting your account there is a really good idea.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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