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How to fix a drain in a basement?

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    Grig Woods

    Waste water begins to flow into the apartment on the first floor through the toilet bowl, the outlet of the bathtub and the leaky connections of the siphons to the comb. If there are open sockets or revisions in the basement, drains heat the basement.

    Fat washed off into the sewer when washing dishes inevitably settles on the walls of the pipes when the wastewater is cooled. Over time, viscous fat reduces the throughput of the bed to a minimum;

    It is curious: fatty plugs are most often formed either in areas with a minimum slope (and, accordingly, the minimum speed of movement of drains), or in the coldest sections of pipes (in the outlet to the well laid in the ground).
    Sand and other fillers from cat trays. They again accumulate in areas with a minimum slope; Construction debris (pieces of plaster, lime, etc.). The most difficult blockages are created by the remains of building mixtures poured into the toilet: to remove them, you usually have to open the bed; Rags, washcloths and sponges. A floor rag that has floated into the toilet usually gets stuck in any narrow place (for example, in the gap left during the formation of a fatty plug) or clings to uneven pipe walls (bells, burrs, chips);
    The first action in case of a possible blockage in the basement is to check the condition of the yard sewer. To do this, you need to lift the cover of the well closest to the problem area. It can often be found by the inscription on the wall of the house: for example, the mark “KK 8” indicates that the sewer well is located at a distance of 8 meters from the wall directly opposite the mark. If the well is filled with drains, the cause is a clogged well located closer to the collector. In this case, the application is transferred to the emergency service.

    Kerry Smith

    I think that such issues should be handled by professionals. When the drain broke in my basement, I contacted the drain repair service and within an hour this problem was solved. After all, an ordinary person does not know for what reason the drain breaks. I plan to use this service again soon to get waterproofing services for my basement.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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