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    jack frostenson

    Hello how are you? I hope very well, I want to tell you that I am about to give a new look to the walls of my kitchen, I was thinking of painting it but do you realize all the effort that must be made for that? Also, I don’t have enough budget to pay for a painter who can do it for me, so I wanted to ask you, what idea do you have to give my kitchen walls a style? Isn’t there something that can simply be attached to the wall and that’s it? Since this would be much simpler and easier to do, also it seems much less expensive to me, I will be reading your recommendations

    Ben Owen

    Kitchen is the main part if a house and it should be so beautiful. Painting was a good idea. But I would say instead of painting you should try wallpaper for your kitchen walls. It will be less costly and secondly, wallpapers are available in stores with amazing colours and designs. It will give a unique and adorable look to your kitchen. So,from my opinion you should go for wallpaper.

    Richard Freeman

    I haven’t painted my walls in a long time. The best solution for the kitchen is wallpaper. Such finishing of walls is not so dirty in the performance of work and faster with the knowledge of simple technologies. Especially since now there is a huge selection of wallpaper of all colors and designs. I’m sure you can choose the best design for yourself! Especially since wallpaper is not more expensive than modern paints.

    Christopher Walker

    We fell in love with Bohemian style and decided to transform our bedroom to create a cozy place for relaxation and inspiration. One of the key elements of her plan was boho wallpaper. We searched for something unique and beautiful to emphasize the atmosphere of the bedroom. After a long search, we found the perfect sticky wallpaper with a Bohemian pattern that captured our imagination. It turned out not difficult boho wallpaper peel and stick Now we are enjoying the beauty of our bedroom, we really like the view that we have made.

    Jackson22 Donaldor

    We glued the wallpaper two years ago and during this time they got very dark, and in the children’s room they were completely torn and we had to do something, at first we thought about painting, but still decided to buy adhesive wallpaper, it’s easier and more beautiful. I followed your link to the site, looked, I was pleased with this store, there is a large selection of wallpapers and prices are normal. I’ll save the link…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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