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    enzo enzo

    Good day to all.
    at the moment I work for a company that handles the logistics of several companies selling spare parts and has several warehouses. I am personally responsible for the correct operation of the database and the correct logistics. Recently, the database has been hanging up, which leads to loss of time and downtime of personnel.. maybe someone has already encountered such a problem and can either help or tell someone to contact who works with large volumes of data?

    Richard Freeman

    I think you should order Big Data development services. I am not very familiar with this topic, but I have a friend who is studying Big Data services and wants to implement them in his business. I think it’s a modern technology that will help make all the work easier. I’ll be sure to ask my friend more about it the next time I see him. I will find out what he has already done and let you know.

    Jackson22 Donaldor

    I think that you need your own programmer so that he can control the program. For such a program, you need not only to pay a lot of money, but you also need to understand it, otherwise how will you update and improve it, for this you need to know at least the basics of programming, without this knowledge you will constantly ask for help, and you will have to pay for every help. I advise you to think about it…

    valio valio

    everything was written correctly for you, but I have my own opinion on this matter. I don’t think that one programmer or freelancer will help you .. it’s better to contact a company that works with large amounts of data and has experience working with them .. it’s good that at the moment there are a lot of them and you will have a real choice. And if you are interested in this topic, you can look here:

    Christopher Walker

    We were helped a lot by a team specializing in the development and analysis of big data. Their expertise and ability to work with volumes of information that others could not even dream of made this company unique and in demand. One of the most interesting and complex projects that the team took on was an order from a large pharmaceutical company. They wanted to streamline their drug discovery process and make it more efficient and faster.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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