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Bank statement request from creditor

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    Judson Lemke

    Bank statement request from creditor
    Hi I’m getting chased for a business debt I’m guarantor for. I’ve responded to them asking for a payment plan as I cannot afford to pay off the loan with my new current income. To appreciate my new predicament-they’ve asked for me to complete an income/ expenditure form which is fine. But they’ve also asked for my bank statement from the last 30 days. I feel uncomfortable about this? I would only provide my bank statements in the event I was borrowing etc? Can they legally request this?

    Flex Willer

    Hello. Situation: a person worked, had property, took out a loan, then lost his job and sold the property, he does not pay for the loan. The bank’s actions: an endless stream of letters, calls, offers to refinance a loan, and so on. But there is a way out. I recommend looking at new start capital reviews. These are the companies that can help in such situations.

    Senry Mill

    Thanks for the useful information)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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