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    enzo enzo

    Good afternoon. maybe someone can help me, I need to create an application for paying for services and so that this application would immediately connect the product with the buyer and the settlement would take place directly between them .. preferably through PayPal.

    Ben Owen

    This is a technical process and it can’t be done by anyone. For this purpose you have to take the professional’s services. There are some websites which may create an application for paying services. I would recommend you to take their services.

    Richard Freeman

    I think you can realize your idea only with the help of professionals. I recently made such an application for my business. Orders have actually increased. It is very convenient for people to buy and pay via smartphone. I applied for the development of the application to these guys so I can recommend them.

    Cam Thanh

    Hiring a software expert to develop a payment application is a feasible and commonly used approach. To select a suitable expert for your specific needs, you can utilize online search sources to find experienced software professionals in payment application development and PayPal integration.

    Jackson22 Donaldor

    The topic interested me, the fact is that I opened my store on the Internet half a year ago and my products became popular with people, there were so many buyers that my financial function could not cope with the flow of payments, because of this I began to lose customers. I followed the link to the server here, they have a license, that’s good, I’ll keep the link, maybe I’ll contact them, in any case, thanks for the information…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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