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Hi Lindsey, Thank you for your kind words. It surely made my day when I read your insightful comments. I will get and read the Berg reference, though, if you have it in e-copy, I would appreciate it if you could send it to me. The same is true for the David Harvey reference. If you have it as e-copy, please send it to me. My e-mail address is In return, coincidentally and so fortuitously, believe it or not, I actually I have a beer toponomy reference (with a picture) that I think you might like and find useful to cite as a good example in your paper. BTW, Can you please give me your affiliation. Are you an academic? if so, Which University are you at? I would like to be in touch with you, since we share similar research interests. I looked up the author index, in the proceedings, but you were not there. So, anyway, thanks for your valuable and generous comments and let's be in touch with each other, if you are open to the idea of us being in touch with each other. Regards and best wishes, Denver D'Rozario