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Dear Mariea, Thank you for your question. Regarding "other motives" influencing diet: - The sentence in the poster is one of several so it isn’t always about health but also taste. Furthermore, each dimension had several sentences (e.g., for health - "I feel stronger after eating meat than after eating a plant-based meal" or for taste - "For me, eating vegetables is more enjoyable than eating meat") which indeed this leads us to the second point - The RRT currently only has these two dimensions of meat consumption (health and taste) which have been shown in the literature to be one of the key barriers to meat reduction and adoption of a greener diet. So as it stands other elements/motives influencing diet cannot be accounted for in our current setup Regarding social desirability: We implemented personalized sentences inspired by the work of Olson &Fazio* (2004) where with a personalized task (rendered by the usage of "I" and "For me") the influence of social desirability was reduced. Hope this helps. Ziad * Olson, M. A., & Fazio, R. H. (2004). Reducing the influence of extrapersonal associations on the Implicit Association Test: personalizing the IAT. Journal of personality and social psychology, 86(5), 653.