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Why Deliverability Matter – And Why it’s Getting Harder

Email is definitely not dead, in fact, it’s as alive as ever.  The past year has shown a surge in email marketing activity, proving that email continues to be a valuable and effective channel for marketers.  But that doesn’t mean it’s gotten easier. Email is partly pure science, partly dark arts, and all about having the right tools to measure it and the right knowledge to apply it. Increasing send volumes and inbox competition are creating significant new deliverability challenges for email marketing programs across the globe.

Join Guy Hanson, VP of Customer Engagement at Validity, and Kayla Fuller, Email Strategist at Validity, as they dissect the evolving intricacies of email deliverability. They will cover:

  • The latest email data trends
  • The current email deliverability landscape
  • Common email deliverability myths
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Kayla Fuller

Email Strategist : Validity Inc.

Kayla Fuller has 6 years of email marketing experience, ranging from strategic planning, deliverability consulting, campaign and migration execution, and more. Her current position as an Email Strategist at Validity allows Kayla to leverage her extensive email background to provide strategic recommendations and data analyzation for clients across several verticals.

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Guy Hanson

Vice President, Customer Engagement (International) : Validity Inc. 

Guy is a passionate advocate for intelligent use of customer data to drive responsive sales and marketing programs. With a knowledge base spanning twenty years, he is globally recognised as an email & data expert and thought leader.

Over the past decade Guy led Return Path’s global consulting team and worked with world-famous clients across 6 continents to improve their email delivery, subscriber engagement and revenue.

Now Validity’s VP for Customer Engagement (International), he continues to explore his passion for email and data and share it with his clients to maximise their program value. He’s a strong believer in giving back to his community, speaking at flagship events, providing training, and producing fresh and insightful thought leadership

Outside of work, Guy has had long-term involvement with the DMA, currently sitting on the email council and involved with key pieces of research. He is a regular contributor to the industry press, and a 3-time finalist as data storyteller of the year!


Why Deliverability Matters – And Why it’s Getting Harder