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What is special about Marketplace Simulations that makes them ideal for online classes?

The classroom is nice, but no longer necessary. If you need to go online, check out Marketplace Simulations. We have decades of experience with online education. It’s our specialty.  Over 900,000 students in over 80 countries have played a Marketplace game, all online.  Our simulations already have everything you need to function in an online-only environment.

Come learn how Marketplace Simulations are impacting the lives of marketing students around the world. Our simulations offer quality, experience-based learning opportunities that put students in the driver’s seat, challenging them to apply the full spectrum of marketing functions within the context of a dynamic, life-like business environment.

Students analyze potential markets, develop and market new products, and refine their strategy based on the market response and competitor actions. Our simulations are versatile and can be implemented into any course pedagogy. They will engage your students in the application of all marketing functions, so you can focus on coaching.

The best part yet—it’s a game, so your students can have fun, embracing their competitive spirit while they play to learn!

Marketplace is committed to making our marketing simulations available and accessible for a wide range of global learners. Whether you teach undergraduates, MBAs, or executives, this workshop will help you offer your students an experiential challenge that will bring learning to life.


Dr. Ernest Cadotte

Dr. Cadotte is the Emeritus Professor of Innovative Learning at the University of Tennessee. He earned his Ph.D. at The Ohio State University in Marketing and Logistics. He has an MBA in Management Science from the University of Colorado and a BS in Psychology and Math from Michigan State University.

For more than thirty years, Dr. Cadotte has been developing business flight simulators for college students and business professionals. He is the developer of the Marketplace family of simulations and a co-author of the textbook, The Management of Strategy in the Marketplace (2009).

Dr. Cadotte’s Marketplace simulation is based upon a new product situation where participants startup and grow a new marketing division in the carbon fiber bike industry. The simulation enables students to live the value creation experience. Importantly, the simulation reflects Dr. Cadotte’s own experience in starting up and running an electronics firm, an Internet service firm, and several other small businesses.

Marketplace received Gold and Silver Awards for Excellence in Learning Technology by Brandon Hall Research, one of the leading research firms in training and development. The more recent Silver Award was for the Best Advance in 3-D or Immersive Learning Technology.

Marketplace is made available through Innovative Learning Solutions, Inc. of Knoxville, TN. Harvard Business Publications sells it globally as well. More information about Marketplace can be found at More than 900,000 students and business people have benefited from Marketplace training.

Dr. Cadotte’s has a strong interest in experiential learning and is on the cutting edge of pedagogical innovations. He uses a host of learning and assessment tools in the courses that he conducts at the University of Tennessee. For an overview of his pedagogical approach with Marketplace, go to:

Professor Cadotte’s research interests include learning processes, assessment, new product development, entrepreneurial decision-making, customer satisfaction, and psychological measurement. He has published widely in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Cornell Quarterly, and International Journal of Physical Distribution Management.

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What is special about Marketplace Simulations that make them ideal for online classes?