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Webinar Tactics For A Post-Pandemic World

The new global emphasis on remote work and online collaboration has changed the way that marketers need to approach business webinars in 2021 and beyond. Audiences have developed new expectations as their level of familiarity and sophistication with virtual communications has grown. They demand a corresponding improvement in the sophistication of the webinars they attend.

Are you still structuring and delivering your webinars in the same way you have been running them for the past decade? If so, you are probably seeing a decline in attendee counts and customer conversion rates. It’s time to reinvigorate your offerings and once again make them an effective marketing tool.

Join this presentation from industry expert Ken Molay and benefit from information such as:

  • What audiences want from marketing webinars
  • Why shrinking attention spans are a myth
  • What typical engagement tips get wrong
  • How video helps and hurts your webinar
  • Ways to improve pre- and post-webinar communications

Ken Molay

President, Webinar Success

Ken has been producing and delivering business webinars since 1999. His background in public speaking, stage acting, and corporate training has given him a unique perspective on what it takes to create and deliver compelling and effective presentations. Ken served time in the corporate trenches as product marketing manager and director of marketing for a Silicon Valley software company that went through three acquisitions, one IPO, and five name changes in the space of five years. Ken is a prolific blogger on the subject of web conferencing and its applications in The Webinar Blog. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and industry publications as well as making frequent public presentations on the topic of more effective webinars.


Webinar Tactics For A Post-Pandemic World