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Uncover The Social Media Metrics That Actually Matter: Get More From Your Data In 2023

Free webinar brought to you by NetBase Quid

This free event is now available for on-demand registration and access through August 23, 2023. Once registered, the on-demand content will become available.

Everyone is dazzled by the allure of analytics, but social and media data don’t hold much value if you can’t clearly understand your consumers, measure performance and track ROI. In 2023, you need to be able to assess everything from brand awareness to content performance to your share of voice—all while keeping an eye on industry changes and shifting consumer demands.

It’s no easy task, but there are some best practices for this unique moment. Hear directly from experts at NetBase Quid as they discuss the most crucial metrics you need to monitor.

This webinar begins at 12 PM CT

Key Takeaways

  • Tips for uncovering insights about your brand and industry that can help strengthen consumer engagement
  • The best metrics to use to analyze your competition and key benchmarking metrics to help grow your business
  • The vital role social and media channels play in ensuring your content resonates with your target audience

Niraj Sharma

Director, Product Marketing, NetBase Quid

Niraj is the Director of Product Marketing at NetBase Quid. Niraj has helped some of the most respected brands in the world provide amazing experiences to their customers and achieve their desired business outcomes through the adoption of enterprise technology solutions. Niraj’s experience includes diverse roles in pre-sales, brand, and product marketing for brands such as Sprinklr, Oracle, LexisNexis, IBM, and Arrow Electronics. Outside of work, Niraj enjoys photography, music, travel, and spending time with his wife and two sons.

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Uncover The Social Media Metrics That Actually Matter: Get More From Your Data In 2023