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Transforming Event Attendees into Sales Pipeline Leads in 24 Hours or Less

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Even if they aren’t talking to you, your attendees are trying to tell you something. They’re leaving digital breadcrumbs everywhere they go, before, during, and after your event that can help you build out robust prospect profiles and transform leads from net new to sales ready. These breadcrumbs are called buying signals, and they’re invaluable. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to identify these signals and act on them.


  • Capture buying signals at each stage of the event
  • Rapidly transform that info into value
  • Prioritize leads for follow-up by the time your event is over

Myllisa Patterson

Senior Director of Mid-Market Marketing Campaigns, Cvent

With 18 years of experience in communications and marketing, Myllisa Patterson is passionate about building long-lasting relationships between people and brands. A technical marketer at heart, she has a unique approach to combining new media channels with traditional marketing tactics that reach customers and prospects in a meaningful way. Quick to embrace new technology and digital tactics, she’s also committed to empowering marketers and event professionals with tools and best practices to make their lives easier.

Stefani Hass

Senior Manager, Demand Gen, Cvent

With 12 years of experience in demand generation and marketing operations, Stefani Haas gets energized by the prospect of driving audience acquisition. You can typically find her running revenue-driven campaigns, implementing data and lead management best practices as well as obsessing over paid digital campaigns and website optimization.


Transforming Event Attendees into Sales Pipeline Leads in 24 Hours or Less