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Top 10 Tips to Run a Social Media Audit that Works

This free event is now available for on-demand registration and access through March 8, 2022.

The better informed your brand is, the better prepared you are to strategize, mitigate risk and manage anything that may come your way including a crisis. Consumers use social media to research brands in record numbers, and social media platforms add hordes of new users to their ranks daily. That means that your social media presence will often be the first impression of your brand that the consumer sees. Additionally, social media is your brand’s best bet for listening to the voice of the customer (VoC). So, it’s more important than ever to get a handle on where your brand stands.

Join experts from NetBase Quid to learn what a social media audit is, how you should approach your next one, and the top 10 tips for social media audit success. We’ll cover:

  • What is a social media audit
  • How to enable the data to be your guide
  • How to avoid misunderstanding your consumers
  • Why it is important to audit your competitors
  • When and how best to use data visualizations
Mike Baglietto

Mike Baglietto

Global Head of Market Insights at NetBase Quid

Mike has 15+ years’ experience developing marketing strategies, campaigns and content for addressing the needs of targeted audiences. His experience spans from product management and product marketing to demand generation and social media.

Harvey Ranola

Harvey Rañola

Global Head of Media Intelligence, NetBase Quid

Harvey has been developing and executing marketing and revenue operations strategies for more than 10 years. He also has a background in journalism and multimedia production, which has given him the opportunity to create content for media companies and brands like ESPN, Fox Sports and Taco Bell.


Top 10 Tips to Run a Social Media Audit that Works