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Tips to Turn Traditional Email into a Revenue Generating Machine

In an ever-changing environment, revamping traditional email marketing is more important than ever. Not only that, but it’s even more difficult than ever. Changing up email copy and using personalized subject lines just won’t cut it anymore. It’s time to reimagine email and engage with your audience in a way you never have before – with trigger campaigns based on engagement. Join this session to learn how you can level up your email game and stand out from the crowd.

You’ll learn:

  • How traditional engagement programs still work, but only to an extent
  • How to listen to your audience and automate triggered campaigns


Hayley Ferrante

Hayley is a Marketing Manager on the Commercial Demand Generation team at Marketo, an Adobe company. Her focus lies in demand creation, with her efforts geared towards filling the funnel with qualified leads and running programs to ensure those leads are sales-ready. Working cross-functionally with multiple teams, she plans and executes programs to generate new names and nurture leads across channels. She recently relocated from California to Colorado and enjoys yoga, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.


Tips to Turn Traditional Email into a Revenue Generating Machine