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The State of Marketing in 2018: Where We Are and Where We’re Going

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With all the flashy new tech available to today’s marketers, it’s easy to take tried-and-true channels like email marketing for granted. But we were curious: In an industry hungry for the latest strategies—be it AI, live video, or chatbots—have we mastered the fundamentals?

To figure it out, we surveyed over 200 marketers and interviewed 25 leading experts to learn where we are (and where we’re going) as an industry. Which strategies are marketers using? What’s actually working? Join us as we break down the data and offer actionable strategies to help you overcome your top marketing challenges.

Nora Snoddy

Director of Marketing, Emma

Nora Snoddy is Director of Marketing at Emma, a leading email marketing company. With an extensive background in public relations and marketing, she spearheads Emma’s campaign planning, brand management, and lead generation efforts. Snoddy holds a bachelor degree from Penn State University and an MBA from Belmont University. She’s also an active member of the Junior League of Nashville and an accomplished Irish dancer – a skill she’ll occasionally showcase at the annual Emma Talent Show.


The State of Marketing in 2018: Where We Are and Where We're Going