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The New Role of CDP in Data-Driven Marketing

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Wish you could leverage all your customer data to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? With the emergence of Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and the compliance requirements of GDPR, companies should be seizing the opportunity to access real-time, unsiloed customer data to drive better engagements and stronger conversions. Join this webinar to learn how a CDP solves for marketing data pains and see how Mapp customers take advantage of CDP in a post-GDPR era.

Ben Ivers

Client Solutions Manager, Mapp Digital

Ben Ivers is a client solutions manager who has been working in the digital marketing space for the past six years. With a background as an implementation consultant, he has worked with numerous clients to maximize their use of marketing technology. His focus is to ensure that customers and prospects alike understand the value of Mapp and its position within the market.


The New Role of CDP in Data-Driven Marketing