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Top 3 Ways Your Your Consumer Data Platform (CDP) Can Help Your Business Now

It’s no secret that the current environment is one of the most challenging, and interesting, times for managing customer experience. In such a diverse, rapidly evolving space, it can be difficult to navigate how to take action now.

Join Tealium’s Heidi Bullock, Chief Marketing Officer, to uncover how your Consumer Data Platform (CDP) can help your business with actionable insights on three key things you can do today to get started.


Heidi Bullock

Chief Marketing Officer, Tealium

Heidi Bullock is an experienced marketing executive who has built a 20+ year career working at both global enterprise technology companies and start-ups. Most recently, she was the CMO of Engagio, where she was responsible for the go-to-market strategy, product marketing, internal sales, corporate communications, and ABM initiatives. Before Engagio, Heidi was the Group Vice President of Global Marketing at Marketo. Heidi has contributed to key thought leadership guides, including the Clear and Complete Guide to ABM Analytics and the Definitive Guide to Account-Based Marketing, Lead Generation, Content, Mobile Marketing, and Engaging Email. Heidi is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer for B2B marketing.


Top 3 Ways Your CDP Can Help Your Business Now